207 Dyer St, Waynesville, MO

This 960 square foot single-family home has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. It was built in 1940. It has a covered carport and utility room. It also has central heat and air conditioning.

Purchased in March 2021, this was a mix of DIY and contractors. Contractors completed the new metal roof, luxury vinyl plank flooring, painting, demo, plumbing and electrical. DIY included kitchen cabinetry, wall paneling, and windows.

Deal Breakdown
Purchase Price: $20,000
Total Cash Invested (Rehab, holding costs, interest payments, down payment): $14,670
Initial Bank Purchase and Rehab Loan Amount: $36,000
After Rehab Appraised Value: $102,500
Cash-out Refinance Loan Amount (80% LTV) 4.75% 30yrs: $82,000
Cash back after closing costs: about $44,000
Total cash left in the deal: $0
Cash-on-Cash Return: Infinite
Cash Flow: $180/month

Monthly Breakdown
Gross Scheduled Rent: $800
Vacancy: $63
Operating Expenses: $129
Debt Service: $428
Cash Flow: $180

Operating Expenses: $129
   Taxes: $22
   Hazard/Flood Insurance: $107
   Capex (0%): I keep $5,000 in reserves for each property
   Maintenance/Repairs (0%): I keep $5,000 in reserves for each property